'Route CZ-AT' to the USA: Perceiving American Culture in Central Europe

Anténe, Petr, et al.

1. vydání, 2018, 120 stran,
ISBN 978-80-244-5365-1
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While English is the lingua franca and an established language in numerous countries, it is its American variant that keeps spreading rapidly to other parts of the world due to the wide ranging influence of the USA in politics, economics and popular culture. The nine authors of this volume present various aspects associated with the perception of the USA, whether it be American English, a theme in American literature and culture or an analysis of their reception in and/or influence on the Czech Republic or Austria. As all of the contributors work or study at an educational institution that prepares future teachers, most of the chapters either discuss the students’ or pupils’ point of view on the topic or provide another connection to the process of foreign language teaching.